Signature Spirituality

The spirituality pillar was co-founded and created by Dianne Timmering and President and CEO Joe Steier at a time when Joe was going through a difficult personal event. He was embraced by the love and support of stakeholders around the company praying for him and his family. At that point they together made a covenant with God, and a commitment to build a for-profit company where stakeholders of any faith traditions or of no faith tradition at all could work in an environment of love and support. Since 2007, the spirituality pillar has become one of the three pillars of the revolution interwoven throughout the operations.
The spirituality pillar strives to work with operational partners to build on the underlying need that all humans have, that is to find purpose in their lives. At Signature leaders are expected to embrace core values known as the Sacred Seven..
The Sacred Seven, compassion, teamwork, respect, integrity, patience and positivity are the backbone of the major religions in the world. In today’s world there is so much strife because people find it difficult to talk to, listen to and learn from people who are different. Signature strives to be a beacon of light avoiding judgement of people regardless of their faith tradition or of no faith tradition and embracing people regardless of their race, gender, orientation, nationality. By embracing our differences, we are able to build cohesive teams that embrace the Sacred Seven and are equipped to be successful in the challenging healthcare environment today.
Simply said, we meet people at the point of their need, with the powerful essence of unconditional love. The world says you must leave your spiritual skin at the door, but at Signature HealthCARE we made a way for one to bring it in and allow it to flourish. It does not mean that everyone agrees; but by meeting individuals at the point of their spiritual need, without judgement, without being “watered-down,” one can practice their full tradition of practice while respecting the faith tradition of the person sitting next to them.

Our cultural movement to embrace and respect another, became the core of our revolution, and has led to so many discoveries, including the ever critical pursuit of purpose.
Regardless of faith, we love and respect one another, and it’s our goal to consistently provide a space in which our employees and patients can openly worship and not feel afraid.