About Us

A Signature Revolution

Signature HealthCARE’s vision is to lead radical change across the healthcare landscape to transform lives. It’s a revolution in the healthcare industry where inspiring others to live with purpose is our priority.

Signature HealthCARE is a family-based healthcare company that offers integrated services in 10 states across the continuum of care: skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, home health, cognitive care, and telemedicine.  A growing number of Signature centers are earning quality assurance accreditation and pioneering person-directed care. Inc. 5000 most recently recognized Signature on its list of fastest-growing private companies in 2017, and they have been awarded Great Place to Work for two years in a row.

Signature’s organizational culture inspires over 14,000 employees with three pillars: learning, spirituality, and innovation.

The Foundation of Success

Signature HealthCARE was founded in 2007 with a vision to radically change the landscape of healthcare forever. But Signature HealthCARE leaders spent years building the foundation.

Earlier that year, the company had launched its Spirituality and Quality of Life programs, including the Hall of Fame Café, which honors residents for their extraordinary achievements.

In 2010, Signature relocated its corporate headquarters from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to Louisville, Kentucky – contributing to the city’s reputation as the nation’s leader in aging care.

Signature continued to expand and now has 72 locations. Signature’s industry-leading culture change initiatives empower residents, stakeholders and families to live with purpose because caring is a calling.

CEO Welcome

For over a decade, my team and I have charted a course to radically change how society perceives nursing homes in this country. Coming from outside the long-term care industry, I was stunned and disappointed by how many companies were not meeting the demands of the communities they serve. I knew this business would never be easy. The social responsibility to deliver diligent service and restore public trust by changing the negative perception that many have when they hear the words “nursing home” made Signature’s commitment to revolutionizing the industry beyond a dream into reality.

I have seen Signature’s vision become reality in ways I never thought possible: struggling facilities winning awards, thousands of customers returning home to a life they cherish, towns that were ready to give up transforming into thriving communities, thousands of passionate stakeholders loving their job so much they impact lives, hundreds and hundreds of nursing home residents living with new quality of life, interfaith prayer throughout the company helping us better understand and respect each other, and new ideas from our engaged stakeholders innovating how nursing homes operate.

These triumphs are all part of Signature HealthCARE’s movement to impact the long-term care industry.

I personally became a Signature customer in 2009 when my father became a resident at a Signature facility in Louisville, Kentucky, during his painful battle with pancreatic cancer. This experience made me realize that our mission and vision is truly about changing lives. Dad received great care from stakeholders that inspired me to new heights; the empathy and compassion of our full-time chaplain was a valued relationship that became priceless to him and us; my family received excellent medical advice during uncertain times as his physical capabilities rapidly deteriorated; and the food that he was able to eat was fantastic.

But I realized that we need to better explain to our customers what happens in the first 24 hours after admission, that positive change needs to come faster, and that we cannot stop until the Revolution is complete. To do this, Signature HealthCARE has established innovative business approaches and a new model of care through our three foundational pillars: Innovation, Learning, and Spirituality.

As a long-term stakeholder, I believe if you are searching for vocation and purpose, Signature is an award-winning organization that will engage you like never before. If you are considering senior care services for yourself or a loved one, I know your experience will be a very positive one just like it was with my Dad. If you are looking for ways to enhance your senior care community, I have seen us build collaborative partnerships that have changed lives. Lastly, if you just have a personal question or need advice, please contact us because we would love to help you in any way we can.

E. Joseph Steier, III
President and CEO
Signature HealthCARE

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to lead radical change across the healthcare landscape to transform lives.

We revolutionize the healthcare experience for those we serve, through an innovative culture of person-directed care, individualized spirituality, and meaningful quality of life driven by stakeholder learning and purpose.