Dementia & Memory Loss Care

At Signature HealthCARE, our care is centered on the whole person. We don’t treat your loved ones as sufferers of a disease of the brain. Our care is centered on the abilities, emotions, and cognitive capacity of your loved one, and not the losses of these functions. We believe in offering care that respects the psychosocial state of your loved one and not just his or her physical condition. Our dementia and behavioral health experts are valued partners who deliver innovative solutions in geriatric behavioral healthcare and strive to enhance and enrich the lives of those impacted by neurocognitive and mental health conditions.

We accomplish this mission by structuring our care around ability-centered programming, where tasks are adapted to fit the needs of your loved one. These programs are designed to improve engagement and clinical treatment efficacy through the use of multi-sensory environments.
Dementia Care at Signature HealthCARE strives to:.
  • Evidence-based practices and person-centered care
  • Continuity of care and comprehensive, holistic assessments
  • Decrease fear and stigma
  • Achieve the highest practicable mental, physical, and psychosocial wellbeing for our patients
  • Connect perceptions with reality
  • Implement personalized care coordination using life history to make interventions more personal