Signature’s Wellness Champion Shares Tips For Handling Stress

APRIL 24, 2019

Louisville, Ky. – April 24, 2019 – During April, Signature HealthCARE promotes healthy ways of dealing with stress, in observance of stress awareness month. Stress is a natural occurrence in every person’s life, so it is important to recognize methods for dealing with it. Signature’s Wellness Champion, Jennifer McKeown, has a few tips for handling everyday stress.

It isn’t always possible for people to control the chaotic environment they are in, but they can control their thought and actions. “Building personal resilience helps you reduce stress and remain focused despite what is going on around you,” McKeown said.

Personal resilience can include getting organized, seeking peer support, finding a purpose outside of your work, and practicing mindfulness. McKeown said spending time preparing for the work week and organizing around your home is something that can be done on off days to make work days less stressful.

Everyone deals with stress, so finding support in what your peers do to reduce stress can also be helpful. Lastly, finding purpose outside of work can include volunteering and practicing mindfulness. Deep breathing and meditation are proven methods of stress relief.

Another way to reduce stress that many people may not be aware of is by reducing caffeine intake. “Caffeine can contribute to anxiety and lack of adequate rest,” McKeown said.

Replace caffeinated drinks with water. Our bodies need water to help our mind function and to limit fatigue, memory impairment, and decreased attention. Try getting your energy from exercise instead. McKeown said exercise “decreases anxiety and improves sleep, both which help to reduce stress.”

McKeown’s last tip is to focus on the positives on a daily basis. This can be practiced by writing down something good that happens in each day. “It is easy to say we had a bad day, but there is usually something positive that has happened during the day,” McKeown said. “This changes the focus from a bad day to a bad hour.”

Signature recognizes the importance of managing stress to living a happier life. Our wellness champion emphasized that stress can be reduced by controlling our thoughts and actions. Spend your stress awareness month focused on improving your stress management skills.