Signature HealthCARE Celebrates Innovation Day With New Technology

FEBRUARY 16, 2019

Louisville, KY – February 16, 2019 – We are marking Innovation Day here at Signature HealthCARE with the celebration of the pilot launch of A SmartCare Community, a new innovative system that empowers residents with technology to improve their experience. A SmartCare Community, implemented by Signature HealthCARE, is a plethora of different technologies, including an Amazon Echo Dot. With A SmartCare Community, we can bring technology to our resident’s voices and provide concierge services to them, as well as caregivers, through an audio and/or visual experience.

Currently, A SmartCare Community has two experiences to offer, an audio and visual experience, or solely an audio experience. The audio and visual experience includes an Amazon Echo Dot, and an Amazon Fire Cube, which connect to a television to provide the ultimate residential experience.

By consolidating several technologies into one, the innovative system has the ability to make announcements over the intercom, send text messages, and more, thus eliminating unnecessary steps. For example, if a resident has a need, the resident can alert the caregiver via text or announcement through his or her SmartCare Community. This allows the caregiver to make a one-time trip without first visiting the individuals room to learn the residents need, which ultimately saves time and allows for an overall better provision of care.

Our culture is built on three organizational pillars, one of which is innovation. Through the innovative SmartCare Community, we hope to improve the lives of residents and caregivers. Residents at Signature HealthCARE at Jefferson Place Rehab and Wellness Center are the first to experience A SmartCare Community, which launched in the facility on February 4.

With the addition of A SmartCare Community to Signature HealthCARE at Jefferson Place, residents are able to easily access their schedule for the day, play games, watch movies, listen to music and more. Many residents use Alexa as an alarm clock every morning, and to frequently call family members. The more residents utilize the technology, the more familiar the SmartCare Community device becomes with the residents wants and needs.

“The health benefits and quality of life benefits the device has to offer is truly revolutionizing healthcare,” Amanda Dowdle, Activities Director at Signature HealthCARE at Jefferson Place, said. “The feedback from our residents, and even caregivers, since the launch has been phenomenal. We even have one resident who used Alex 89 times in the first day and continues to share with us how happy it makes her.”

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