National Doctor’s Day

MARCH 30, 2021

Across the globe, the pandemic brought a historical “lockdown”, and for many, no matter how difficult it may have been, those restrictions helped keep us safe and also gave us time to self-reflect. In my reflection, among other things, I thought a lot about the privilege of being a physician. Although, on occasion, I found it very difficult and even became frustrated with the almost insurmountable, necessary work required in this role, all the expectations, ongoing learning and regulatory frameworks to accomplish, and much, much more, I am now more convinced than ever that there is no other profession that would have brought me more satisfaction in the fight against this pandemic than being a physician. But why is that?

To begin, the best part of being in this role is the ability to take care of people who are in need. What can be more noble than to address issues such as illness, pain, distress, depressions and more. But then, there are many other perks. For example, to work side by side with passionate and knowledgeable team members, particularly the nursing staff. Nurses represent one of the most caring and compassionate souls who quietly and selflessly contribute to physicians’ success by being there all the time. My therapy partners help us physicians reach our patient-driven goals by addressing issues of rehab and strengthening. And I also have to mention the heroic frontline aides who do the toughest job by always being there and, in many cases, taking the roles of the family members for many patients and residents. And then, there is dietary staff, the chaplains, housekeeping, pharmacy consultants and of course the operational teams and leaders.

Gone are the days where physicians could succeed on their own. There is actually no one team member who can wear the “red cape” and save the day by herself or himself. The successful delivery of care relies on teamwork and on this National Doctors’ Day, there is no one I would want to celebrate this day with more than the whole interprofessional team that makes us physicians look good and adds to the meaning of our noble professions. Thank you, everyone!

Happy National Doctors’ Day to all the Doctors out there!