Marking Long-Term Care Administrators Week Across The Revolution

MARCH 11, 2019

Louisville, Ky. – March 11, 2019 – This week we are celebrating our Signature HealthCARE Administrators (or CEO’s as we like to call them) in honor of Long-Term Care Administrators Week. The week kicks off today, March 11, and runs through Friday, March 15.

With 115 Signature HealthCARE locations across the southeast, our CEO’s are leading 17,000 plus stakeholders through the revolution as we strive to provide quality, person-centered care. It is through their leadership skills and abilities that we are able to make a difference and impact lives every day.

Our CEO’s are more than a fancy title, they are mentors, leaders, advocates, caregivers, and family. Join us in recognizing some of these great people for their dedication and compassion to the Revolution and the many reasons why they choose to serve with purpose every day.

“I’ve always had a servant’s heart and this gives me the chance to serve people daily and do my life’s passionate work.” – Jason Armstrong, CEO at Mayfair Manor

“I always believed my purpose was to make a difference in peoples’ lives and that’s exactly what I love to do every day for our residents, families, and stakeholders.” – Nicolle Meade, CEO at Signature HealthCARE at Summerfield Rehab & Wellness Center

“I became an Administrator because I wanted to see changes in long-term care and make a difference. I wanted to prove that being a member of the ‘millennial’ generation wasn’t all bad and that young people can make great leaders too!” – Lauren Sword, CEO at Signature HealthCARE at Heritage Hall Rehab & Wellness Center

“I look forward to the feeling I have when I help a stakeholder meet a milestone in their career.  I like the feeling when an elder gets to go home after months away from family, when an elder gets to accomplish something they thought impossible.” Joe Norris, CEO at Signature HealthCARE at Colonial Rehab & Wellness Center

“I know that being an Administrator has changed my life for the better. I have been honored to enjoy friendships, learn from elders, celebrate joy and held them in my arms when some have taken their last breath.” – Kaye Wilson, CEO at Lee County Care & Rehabilitation Center

“I wanted to get into long-term care because I want to help those that cannot help themselves.  I want to be that person that the community looks to when they need help with their loved one and want direction making those tough decisions concerning their healthcare.” – Brad Nobles, CEO at Signature HealthCARE at The Courtyard

“I feel the role of Administrator is a labor of love as we strive to oversee, and commit to providing the best care that can be rendered to the residents and staff of our facility that we are charged with managing.” – Cora Eshmon, CEO at Signature HealthCARE of Memphis

“The most rewarding part of it all is knowing that I may be impacting the lives of both my residents and stakeholders every day.” – Brian Mueller, CEO at Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville

“I became an Administrator to make a difference for the residents we serve.  Working with the elderly is truly a passion I desire.” – Sandra Gant, CEO at Signature HealthCARE of North Florida