JANUARY 3, 2018

The Great Commonwealth, Long ago

Poem written by Joe Steier and read at his induction into the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Long ago, there was only one road to chose,

I looked for a very different path

But you had to be willing to lose,

Long ago, there was only one way

down the glimmering proverbial hall,

When you tried to walk away

Many hoped you would fall,

Long ago, My bricklayer father left me

with haunting words for sure

but I could just never find the exact cure!

Long ago, the starting point was

Your world would definitely be thinned

But at that time it was almost consider a cardinal sin.

Long ago, And there are no real books or formula to even follow,

And one you stepped out

you better figure out quickly or

you would sure be swallowed

Long ago, I searched high and low for the keys

to the secret spirited club and

then realized we were all being snubbed.

Long ago, there were pioneering owners

who Controlled the great big ball,

But how could you still respect them

and still answer your call,

Long ago, when lifetime jobs started to disappear

They came calling out for all of us

to all reappear

Today the world of re may look like

Atlas is really shrugging

like Ayn Ryand once predicted

but it will be all of us who make them stand corrected

Today we are all here to celebrate

the new options for everyone’s personal walk

But we know for sure it is no longer just talk.

Today because of many great pioneers have paved the way for “the all”

It is not nearly as hard to answer your call –

Today I can touch the special spirit almost everywhere I go

It gives my great joy to see all the new ways everyone can now grow

Today we see the changing commonwealth as the place to soar

And The great ones I study never keep score

Today, negative pulsating issues may carry the media’s day

But it is Our entrepreneur’s unbridled spirit that will pave the new way!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing award, and God Bless to all of you and the Commonwealth!