Embracing Artistic Abilities And Sparking Creativity At Signature HealthCARE

JULY 19, 2019

Louisville, KY – July 19, 2019 – At Signature HealthCARE, we put emphasis on quality of life by offering meaningful activities and programs for residents and stakeholders to participate in. One of those programs is our annual Reflect N Us art competition.

Reflect N Us began as a simple idea and has quickly expanded into one of the biggest events at Signature HealthCARE. Individuals across 115 skilled nursing facilities create masterpieces of all mediums and submit their work with the hopes of being the Reflect N Us winner for the year.

Angie McAllister, Director of Quality of Life and Culture Change, said art has a way of inspiring people in ways that other things simply do not. It’s a chance for residents to embrace their creativity and showcase their artistic abilities within their community. She said often times we don’t view ourselves as “artists,” but we are all capable of imagination and this program allows our residents’ creativity to come to life.

“Our elders love playing with creativity. They love engaging in things that are meaningful to them and the creation of art is so meaningful,” McAllister said. “In some cases, they work for months prior to the competition to evolve their art pieces. Ultimately it gives them purpose and empowers them to show their creative side.”

With an assortment of categories, residents have the opportunity to be the overall program winner or the winner of their specific category. The various categories include drawing, group art project, jewelry, mixed media, painting, photography, poetry, sculpture and pottery, and sewing and quilting.

A winner is selected based on the number of votes their artwork receives. Voting is open to anyone (resident, stakeholder, community member, etc.). The deadline for residents to submit their artwork is Aug. 15.

Voting will begin a month from today on Aug. 19 and anyone can vote by visiting Winners will be announced on Aug. 29.

The community has the opportunity to visit their local Signature HealthCARE facility to see the residents’ artwork on display. Please contact your local facility to learn more.