Chopped: Served Up The Signature HealthCARE Way

MARCH 28, 2019

Louisville, KY – March 28, 2019 – Individuals across 115 Signature HealthCARE locations have been eagerly awaiting today as they participate in their own version of Food Network’s television show, Chopped.

There will be three to four teams, three judges, and a host at each location. Teams will consist of one resident and one stakeholder. Similar to tv’s Chopped, each team will be required to create a dessert using three secret ingredients. Three plated desserts will be made, one for each judge.

With a maximum time limit of one hour, teams will have their own cooking station where they will prepare their dish. After the hour is up, teams are to put down all utensils and put up their hands. Each team will have a chance to present and explain their dessert in front of the judges.

After hearing from each team and sampling the desserts, the judges will deliberate with one another to decide on the winning dish. The Chopped champion will then be announced with an unveiling of the winning dessert by the judges.

The anticipation of the competition has been sweeping the buildings as they have prepared for one of many quality of life initiatives at Signature HealthCARE.

“This is an event that both residents and stakeholders do well teaming up together. The competition is an added bonus and something they look forward to,” Linzi Rodgers, Regional Quality of Life Director, said. “This event allows our residents to get their hands back into the kitchen again. Former homemakers, chefs, or just folks that enjoy food have the opportunity to create something tasty and say, ‘I made that!’”

Various prizes will be awarded to the winning teams, everything from a trophy, to a chef hat, to a homemade apron.