Care Hub Models Collaboration & Empowerment

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

A new model at Signature HealthCARE is innovating how team members collaborate in care coordination. The Care Hub, a product of SHC Medical Partners an affiliate of Signature HealthCARE, unites the care team in the common goal of patient-centered care.

“We are in the midst of a technology explosion—from smart phones to wearable gadgets to remote interventions– we are surrounded by new ideas. Technology is even more powerful when people come together under a common purpose,” Dr. Arif Nazir, Signature HealthCARE’s Chief Medical Officer said. “Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team adding their expertise together to best serve our patients.”

With technology, the Care Hub model enhances collaboration and communication across traditional physical and time boundaries. “Healthcare can be complex, so we need a team of support to come up with interdisciplinary answers,” Dr. Nazir said.

Through the Care Hub model, clinical resources, professional education and processes delivering person-centered care are enhanced with collaboration. The new way of thinking and of doing allows for the entire continuum of care to be patient-centered.