All Aboard: Signature HealthCARE Residents Set Sail For Spring Break Day

APRIL 18, 2019

Louisville, KY – April 18, 2019 – All aboard S.S. Signature 2.0 as individuals across 115 Signature HealthCARE locations get ready to set sail for Spring Break Day on April 18.

School-age students celebrate Spring Break every year, so why can’t individuals at nursing homes do the same? Spring Break Day is one of several quality of life initiatives at Signature HealthCARE so that residents can continue living their life to the fullest.

Spring Break Day gives our homes the opportunity to do something outside of what happens daily,” Angie McAllister, Director of Quality of Life and Culture Change at Signature HealthCARE, said. “Historically, as people we all look forward to spring break and celebrating it doing the things we love best. It’s a great chance for them to relax and shake off the winter blues!”

Previously, facilities have taken field trips to the local zoo or played games in the facility, and much more. But this year Signature is taking it to the next level with a company-wide cruise line that will port at all 115 Signature skilled-nursing facilities.

Cost, health, and other factors won’t always allow residents to take an actual cruise, so Signature is bringing the cruise to them. From Greece to Hawaii, residents and stakeholders have the option of sailing to any destination around the world.

They are so excited to choose a destination that they might want to learn more about. It gives them the autonomy to assist in planning an event that is very meaningful to them,” McAllister said.

After deciding on a location, the quality of life and dietary department will team up to transform the facility into the desired vacation destination. With decorations, food, supplies, and activities, residents will experience their cruise day as if they were actually sailing the ocean blue.

Like any cruise ship, there will be a Cruise Director, Excursion Specialists, and a Photographer. Together, they will be responsible for leading the passengers and informing them on all the exciting happenings, while also capturing the fun on camera.

Before boarding the cruise, residents have to present their S.S. Signature 2.0 revolutionary fun card, which lists their name and room number, to the Cruise Director to ensure there are no stowaways.