Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain at Signature Healthcare

The Prayer Chain is a company-wide initiative, is a non-denominational interfaith community based on unconditional love. It was built by word-of-mouth with respect to individual faiths and currently has close to 600 members. Requests for prayer come from all over the company and our local communities for emotional comfort, physical healings and financial needs. We offer the support of faith in joyful expectation of miracles.

“All in all, the essence of love and the sanctity of respect, even in all our imperfections, have moved the mountains and rooted spirituality into the depths of the revolution, binding us, one to another.” – Dianne Timmering, Spirituality Pillar Co-Founder.

To receive regular prayer requests via email CLICK HERE.

David Baumgartner,
Vice President of Spirituality and Sacred Six,
Signature HealthCARE

Spread the word of Endless Hope and how it is manifested in the air we breathe and invested in the fabric of who we are as a culture and people