We’re committed to helping facilitate excellence in customer service by creating cohesive, caring teams. It’s our mission to help grow teams that provide consistent, quality care to residents through Compassion, Attentiveness, Respect and Empathy at all times. That’s the meaning of iCARE, and we’re proud to stand behind it.

The iCARE program is specially designed to provide the tools needed to achieve the highest quality of customer service within our centers and is flexible enough to fit a rollout schedule that matches the needs of our various locations. We include leader guides, activities and suggestions for reinforcement opportunities – all centered around a fun approach to team-building and learning.


5-Star Survey Challenge

This 90 to 120 minute challenge allows participants to put their skills and brainpower to the test! The 5-Star Survey Challenge is cleverly designed to walk participants through the most important parts of being an administrator in a long-term care facility, all while racing against the clock to find fast and effective solutions to a myriad of problems in a rapidly changing environment.

Participants are faced with five rooms – each housing a different challenge. The team participants will have to put their creative minds together in order to earn the coveted 5-star rating!

The five challenges include:

  • 4 Step Action Planning
  • Infection Control
  • F-Tag Identification
  • Environmental Rounding
  • Customer Service: Handling Grievances


Rx 4 Success

This programs serves to help direct care nurses to build their inner leader by learning tips for resolving conflict, working together and communicating with full effectiveness! Though a hands-on delivery, these interactive sessions help transform nurses into facility leaders. Consisting of 14 different sessions, each session can be taught by both clinical and operational leadership. This program is truly the licensed nurse’s prescription for success!

“Our nurses absolutely loved this training and they have been doing much better with documentation, admissions, and their job in general! I’m so thankful that our staff has this opportunity.” – Barbara Wood, Director of Nursing



Our Serenity program is a unique, turn-key experience that immerses participants into the world of individuals with cognitive impairments or mental health disorders commonly seen in long term care.

Through this 1 hour experience, participants become emotionally inspired, have a deeper understanding of the patients they work with and ultimately walk away with a greater appreciation of why it’s important to change the way we care for this population.

Participants take on the persona of the resident that they represent including their behaviors, word choices and actions. Other participants assume the role of caregiver or observer. Set to a soundtrack of ambient noise mirroring day-to-day activities in a care home, this is an action-packed and emotive 60 minutes!


Mission Possible

Mission Possible is a two-day training designed by experts in Skilled Nursing sales. Mission Possible provides the tools and techniques to plan and execute successful outcomes with each sales call. This training presents solutions to engage participants and help them align to the what is most important to our customers. Participants learn how to proactively explore customers’ needs and match features and benefits through skillful exploration and active listening.

Using role plays and simulations, participants learn how to manage objections, diffuse customer emotions and provide balanced sales interactions – and leave the training feeling inspired and empowered to drive results in their location.


Culinary Excellence

We have learned that developing our culinary team members through education, we could really make a difference in the lives of employees and patients alike.

Our Culinary Excellence program is the perfect blend of joy and education, and it’s designed to help our dietary teams to develop practical culinary skills. Our In the Kitchen series is a collection of videos which model popular television cooking shows, and are broken down based on culinary experience and skill level. Each video runs for about two minutes, and the series covers a range of topics including using spices to proper knife handling and cooking and cutting techniques.