The Signature Pillars

Signature HealthCARE’s culture is built on three organizational Pillars that are foundational to everything we do. More than just ideologies, the Signature Pillars are functioning departments with their own staffs and programs. Put simply, the Pillars are the embodiment of our mission – to radically change the landscape of healthcare forever.

Signature Learning

Top-notch training and education does more than help employees advance in their jobs though – it helps them advance in their lives too! We believe this at Signature HealthCARE, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to develop a world-class learning pillar that delivers learning and educational opportunities for employees throughout the organization. Great learning creates positive experiences for our employees – but also for their families, our residents and the communities where we serve.

Signature Spirituality

“The interfaith Department of Spirituality and Culture is founded on the healing well of unconditional love for diverse cultures and faiths. We work inside unending mercy, abounding joy, restorative peace, and hope in miracles.”

—Dianne Timmering

Signature Innovation

The Innovation pillar was founded on the notion that great ideas can come from anywhere. Signature encourages stakeholders at all levels of the organization to be vocal about their ideas to improve the lives of residents and elders.