What to expect

For you and your loved ones during this journey
What to Expect at Signature Healthcare

You’ve been accepted! Now what?

You or your family member will need to visit the Admissions Office and provide the following information on the day of admission:

  • All insurance and identification cards
  • Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Living Will or Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

What can you bring

  • Non slip shoes with grips at the bottom
  • Favorite throw blankets, comforters and pillows
  • Pictures, cards, and flowers to personalize the room
  • Favorite throw blankets, comforters and pillows

Upon Arrival

You will be greeted by our Customer Experience Coordinator or a member of our leadership team to assist you with settling in.

  • Your first day will be one of resting and becoming familiar to our center.
  • The next day you will be introduced to your therapy team and your first evaluation will occur.
  • Within 72 hours of admission, a Full-Life Conference will be held in your room. This is a brief 15 minute meeting that is attended by your key department heads such as therapy, nursing, social services, dietary, and activities.


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