Signature HealthCARE has implemented a CAREline for stakeholders, residents and family members to report concerns, seek help in resolving issues, and report ethical violations, violations of law, or any other potential regulatory issues. The reporter has the option of remaining anonymous and the information will remain confidential. The CAREline Hotline number is:

Stakeholders, residents and family members may also make a confidential report in the following mechanisms:

Signature HealthCARE
12201 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299
Attn: Compliance Officer



Trust your judgment – if you feel that something is not right, please contact any of the resources mentioned above for guidance. As our organization continues to grow, we must conduct our business honestly, respectfully and with integrity.

Signature takes all concerns that come into the CAREline, Compliance Department or other reporting venue very seriously. All concerns will be heard and addressed. No stakeholder making a good faith report of a suspected violation shall be retaliated against. However, any stakeholder who knowingly makes false allegations shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Company policy.

Code of Conduct Language

Signature HealthCARE, LLC and its affiliates (“Signature”) are committed to ethical business conduct. This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct describes Signature’s core values and expectations to conduct business in a legal and ethical way. We have a responsibility to serve our residents, stakeholders and communities with compassion and caring. This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is intended to provide guidance in performing this service responsibly and

Signature believes wholeheartedly in our mission and values, created by our own stakeholders, and we only ask that all our stakeholders act in accordance with these values.

Signature’s Corporate Compliance Officer at Compliance@signaturehealthcarellc.
com or call our CAREline at 888-392-8886.

We will not permit any retaliation for any good faith reporting of violations or concerns and Signature is committed to investigating any issues brought to our attention.

Elder Justice Act

The Elder Justice Act requires all Signature stakeholders to report any reasonable suspicion of a crime against any individual that is a resident of, or is receiving care from, one of our facilities.

If you have reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred against a resident or person receiving care at this facility, federal law requires that you report your suspicion directly to both the law enforcement and the state survey agency. There are specific time frames designated for reporting based on whether or not the alleged crime involves serious bodily injury. If you believe the crime involves serious bodily injury including criminal sexual abuse to the resident, you must report it immediately, but no later than 2 hours after forming the suspicion.

Serious Bodily injury means an injury: 1) involving extreme physical pain 2) involving substantial risk of health 3) involving protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty, or 4) requiring medical intervention such as surgery, hospitalization, or physical rehabilitation.


If the crime does not appear to cause serious bodily injury to the resident you must report it within 24 hours after forming the suspicion. Please report any suspicions you may have to the Administrator/CEO (facility) immediately.

Signature does not retaliate against an individual who lawfully reports a reasonable suspicion of a crime under the Elder Justice Act. Signature will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or deny a promotion or other employment related benefit to a stakeholder, or in any other manner discriminate against a stakeholder in the terms and conditions of employment because of lawful acts done by the stakeholder, or file a complaint or a report against a stakeholder with the appropriate state professional disciplinary agency because of lawful acts done by the stakeholder.

Code of Ethics

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