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Joe Steier Blog

Joe Steier is a dynamic healthcare entrepreneur and business leader who has helped found many startup companies, owned various small businesses and continues to provide advisory services to various profit and non-profit boards while becoming an author, public speaker and a respected healthcare expert. This is his blog on how he leads the revolution.

By Dr. Joe Steier, President and CEO

Signature Spirituality

Believing that spirituality is most sacred to the human experience, this blog seeks to uncover and discuss the jewels in cultural differences and fold them into a library of awareness which binds and unifies the human spirit in respect and new understanding.

By David R. Baumgartner, VP of Spirituality and Sacred Six

SHC Newsroom

Put simply, Signature HealthCARE’s mission is to radically change the landscape of healthcare – forever. In our effort to achieve that ambitious goal, Signature’s culture is propped up by three unique organizational pillars: Spirituality, Learning and Intrapreneurship. This blog is contains all of Signature’s latest news and we utilize the three pillars every day.

By Peggy King, VP of Marketing and Communications

Legislative Lady

The Legislative Lady is a podcast series and blog that is dedicated to raising consumer awareness of legislative issues relating to long-term care. Through outreach and advocacy, we can affect the outcomes of the legislative sessions in favor of our residents and stakeholders.

By Kathy Galin, Director of Legislative Affairs

Culture Change

My name is Angie, and I’m Director of Cultural Transformation for the Hometown Division of Signature HealthCare. This is my blog and how we at Signature HealthCARE are changing the culture in long-term nursing.

By Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation-Hometown

The Daily D

The Daily Devotional is an email program which provides inspirational and thought-provoking messages offering time for reflection and prayer during the work day.

The content of this program, written by Signature HealthCARE Chaplains, is posted here for a world-wide audience.

Chaplain’s Corner

The SHC Chaplain Corps are a strong force in the company, seeing to the spiritual and emotional needs of residents and stakeholders, and serving as an integral partner in the interdisciplinary health care team. This blog is about Signature’s chaplains and how they are shaping the revolution.

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